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Client Testimonials


Jeff T.

"Just completed the 12 week program with Cassandra.


Wow I learned so much about fitness, how to exercise correctly, how to eat healthy, but most of all I learned about myself. I learned that the only thing that was holding me back was me. It was my mindset and how I talked myself into and out of things.


Cassandra helped me become accountable to myself for my decisions.

She was there to help anytime I needed and provided both a sounding board and a support network to ensure I had the resources to achieve my fitness and wellbeing goals.


It was hard work, I wont kid you, but having Cassandra in my corner was a blessing. She is one of the most positive people I have met, and that positivity rubs off on her clients.


I am certainly enjoying a much healthier and happier life (both physically and mentally), as a result of completing the program.


Thanks again Cassandra."



Luis S.

Luis had tried other coaches, doctors and trainers looking for a solution for his recent performance drop after being stationed closer to his family. He couldn't find the answer until he joined the Coaching By Cass program. After overhauling his diet and training consistently he was able to pass his PT tests with ease. He is now a proud new father and has been chosen for special forces selection.

"If you see this video, I highly recommend you get in touch with her, right, because this girl save life"

"12 weeks ago I decided to "make an appointment" for myself.


I had been following Coach Cass for a while on social media and decided to join her challenge.  She seriously took the guesswork out of meal planning and exercising.  She customized meal plans and workouts to fit my tastes and schedule.  My main goal for reaching out to Coach Cass was weight loss but what I gained was actually far more valuable.  I did see my body changing but my mindset is what became my most important takeaway.  


Coach Cass was SO patient with me and helpful in teaching me macros.  I learned a lot about the makeup of foods.  I also realized that I could still enjoy some of my favorite foods and drinks in social settings by keeping macros in mind. This was one of my biggest takeaways.  The meal plans were simple and did not require hundreds of ingredients or additional supplements that I needed to purchase.  Another perk I found was I had far less food waste each week.


Working out has never been a priority to me.  For this reason I made it clear to

Coach Cass that I did not want to spend more than 15 minutes a day on working out. 

She was able to customize different workouts for me that were time conscious and

appropriate for my level.  What I loved most about the workouts was I was able to do

them all at home, no equipment necessary.  I did end up investing in a small set of weights and resistance bands but I found out I like feeling strong so I plan to use them long after my transformation with Coach Cass. 


About half way through my journey with Coach Cass shared one of her inspiring videos.  She chatted about making an appointment with yourself.  This has stuck with me on so many levels.  As I have many roles in life that find me busy attending to other people, work, household tasks and just daily life I realized that if I was unable to "keep an appointment" with myself that I needed to reschedule it for later in the day or week-- just as I would if I had to cancel on someone or something.


Aside from losing a few pounds, I gained knowledge that will help me continue to live a healthy life and a mindset focused on improvements and "leveling up!".  One other thing I noticed from my start photo to my progress photos is my smile.  The first day I started, I looked upset and defeated. But as the weeks went on my smile was bigger and bigger. Thank you Coach Cass! "

Kaitlyn K.

Kylie K.

“You’ve really inspired me. I wasn’t doing anything other than yoga before the program. And it’s truly changed so many things in my life for the better. My physical health & mental health. My life is in such a better balance. And I know that I do the work. But you are the inspiration. Like we built a gym in our house and I can tell you that would have happened with out doing your program. My entire family is happier and healthier. So I am just expressing my sincere gratitude for you.I know how hard it is to hold myself accountable and you do that for several people and you do it in kind caring manner. It’s really beautiful. You are a warrior of a woman.”


Sam P.

"I wanted help because I had no energy, I was overeating, ashamed of the way I looked, and had many health related issues. I had been following you on Facebook for quite some time and always liked the way that you did things so I figured I would contact you. Making the change was hard but once I got used to the program it felt great it even though it took a little while. I have seen my depression lesson up quite a bit, way more energy, body changes, weight loss, confidence, very good eating habits. Definitely recommend it to everyone.  Because if I can do it anyone can, it's very easy to follow the program you just have to want it." 


Melissa S.

"I can’t say enough about the value of working with Cassandra Eve and Coach Ryan Oconnor

The mental shift is as valuable as the physical change!!"

Marcelina V.


Dawn L.

"I am proud to say that I have not gained weight back (3 months post program at this point) I am holding at 171, I am in size 12 jeans.. woot woot! In my journey I learned, with your guidance how to eat properly and to keep my body nourished and that even the most basic exercises help with overall weight loss! The key to losing weight and keeping it off. I thank you and Ryan for your wisdom, support, and knowledge and most importantly for you loving what you do so you can support people like me who want to better their health. I recently had bloodwork done and my cholesterol is down from 216 to 189! And I showed improvement in other bloodwork as well. Keep up the amazing job you do, I appreciate all we did together!"


Ryan O.

"Towards the end of quarantine I realized that I had fallen off hard! Gyms had been closed for some time and I was missing home workout sessions. My diet looked horrendous. Worst part is that I am a trainer myself! I had all the know how in my head but I was lacking accountability. I found myself sluggish, lethargic, and honestly a bit down on myself. I had two young children stuck at home with me and I just couldn't keep up. I finally asked Cass to take me on as a client and I am 100% proud of myself for taking the initiative to invest in myself and the one thing that really matters in this whole process, accountability to the process. I stuck to my macros every day and go try workouts in. Cass was there every step of the way. She really does care about her clients and their success. If you're open to being helped and willing to listen like I did, she will get you there! I'm super stoked on the transformation I have made. Not only do I look better, but more importantly, I feel better. My energy is back up. I have the motivation to push forward in my own training again. I just feel great. "


Philip D.

"This program  was great  not only  did I lose  some weight  I gained  knowledge . Knowledge  about  my body  and about myself. Who I was who I am and who I want  to be. Weight loss is  a journey  it's  a struggle  it's  a battle  with  yourself  everyday but Cassandra and (Co-Coach) Ryan  give you the tools and the knowledge  to go through  life not just this program. They give  you the support motivation and confidence that most of us so desperately need . You not only gain coaches  you gain family. 


Most people  say it's  about the money  and they can't  afford it  but really  it's  about failure  they are afraid to  fail when you go through  life and people  tell you everyday  that you are not  good enough  you're  lazy you will  never be anything  you start to believe  it so I would  tell  them  then opposite  and it's  their  book they are  writing  and  it's  up to them  if people  read it"


Katy P.

" For years I have struggled with fad diets, my weight yo-yoing ever since I started college. I’ve tried them all, keto, low carb, atkins, nutrisystem. All of them have in common that they may have worked for a short time ( fast weight loss in the first week or so but soon as you go off of it you gain it all back plus more). Having a bad relationship with food thinking carbs are the enemy, struggling with overeating, not sure how much to eat and where to start. Coach Cass has helped me so much over the past 3 months. In her 90-day program she is there for you day one and is such a positive and motivating coach. It is truly a judgement free zone. She will help you plan out meals and give you a grocery list so you're not lost when you have to go shopping.  She is all about easy and simple meals that taste GOOD. I’m a full time student and work nearly 40 hours a week, the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook a complex meal that takes too long. On top of a meal plan she provides for you she also makes a work out plan just for you, even for beginners such as myself.  In the past I would walk into a gym and be clueless of what I should do and even how to do it. She provides work outs for you ( no equipment needed ) and there are videos to demonstrate  each step.  On top of all this, she is always there for you to answer any questions and help you be accountable throughout the journey.  I’ve never till now have a coach help me be accountable for my actions.  I thought I could do it alone, but you don’t have to and it's OKAY to ask for help. She has honestly helped me so much and now I have the tools to continue on this journey.  I now know how to work out and what I need to do for exercises, and have a better relationship with food and eat foods that fuel my body and taste great ( homemade chipotle bowls with avocado and mini pizzas have been my favorite! Not to mention having sweet potatoes and rice!) I’m now on the road to better myself and my health and I honestly couldn’t do it with you Coach Cass." 

Karleigh M.

"I started looking for some coaching after going through the cycle of drastic diets, losing weight, and then putting it all back on again. I wanted a long-term solution and a better lifestyle focused on health. I like how Coach Cass had personal experience with the same issues I have bene facing. She really cared about my journal, my plans and my needs. My program really was customized for me. She fit everything into my daily life and focused on changing the small habits that really add up day after day. She constantly stayed in touch with me and was always there when I needed any help or advice. It was nice having a coach that was as involved as I was in my own journey. The Facebook Group was always positive and supportive. I feel like I did well in my program. I feel more confident and more energized. My measurements went down and I was able to fit into clothes I haven't fit in for years!! I would definitely recommend anyone that can relate to my story to work with Coach Cass. She is easy to work with and does not lose sight of her clients."

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