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Social media distancing.

Anxiety has become a normalized condition. There are more meditation, affirmation, and positive thinking applications than one can count. Still, anxiety plagues our nation, our friends, ourselves.

Why? It is my opinion that we think too much. We are bombarded with advertisements, marketing, social media, and virtual distractions. We can hardly take a moment to ourselves. We are surrounded.

Surrounded by information, products, and enticing sale pitches to instantly solve all of our problems. We live in a consumeristic society. Surrounded by everything we think we need and everyone we think we should be.

It is possible that this doesn’t apply to you. You are too aware to fall for it. If that is the case, I commend you and this article is not for you. It takes a deep level of awareness and strength to ignore all the noise and tune into your own radio. It took great discipline on my part to tune out.

If you are willing to admit that you have some work you could do, I have some ideas to help you get back to yourself. How, exactly did I change my frequency? I disabled my social media accounts, focused my energy on me, and disconnected with anyone threatening my inner peace.

It took choosing me every day for months to come to realize that I was allowing the outside noise to silence my own music. It could be that you compare yourself to others, believe less than reliable sources, or are buying into the idea that anything of value can result instantaneously. The real world does not work that way.

It is something to think about, among other questions you should ask yourself. How present are you in your life and with the people you love? Are you an active participant in your own life? Or are you a passive bystander, letting the chips fall as they may. Most of us spend our days doing the same things out of habit. Are the habits we have adopted leading us to the life we truly want to have?

The time away from social media is what actually helped me to see me again. I needed a virtual break and to get back to the basics. Definitely NOT here to say how holier than thou I am. I just realized that a lot of people struggle with this and I want to help.

I wasn’t raised to ask questions or to challenge the way things are. In my opinion, it all comes down to your intentions in life. The reasons why you do things. If you have a purpose or are seeking validation from others.

Social media can be toxic in that way. If you are on there to validate your worth, it will never be enough. You have to be your own source of validation. Before you can do that, you have to get to the bottom of why you are like that in the first place.

Figure out why the eff you care about what anyone thinks of you. It’s a process and it will get messy. You’ll feel worse before you feel better. I recommend enlisting the guidance of a certified professional. Growth, self-empowerment, and personal development take work.

Want to be your true self? Let yourself fall apart first. It takes grit and discomfort every day to get out on the other side of it. We are told from an early age we need to hold it all together, be strong, don’t get upset.

Think about it. How many times has someone asked you, what’s wrong!? As if something is wrong because you are experiencing a feeling. It’s an innocent enough question.

My point is we really need to challenge everything we have ever been taught or believed in to ensure we are living our lives in accordance with what we actually believe to be true. It takes going against the grain and tuning into our own station.

Dancing to our own rhythm and singing to our own songs. Listening to yourself and tuning out the nay-sayers and nasty commentaries. At the end of the day, it is YOUR life and nobody else has the power to live it for you.

Distance yourself from anything that is harming your sense of self-worth, peace, or quality of life. Sometimes it takes disconnecting from the outside world to really connect with yourself and others.

Start doing things out of purpose and intention. No one else can do it for you. That could mean getting off social media or that could be letting go of toxic people who are holding you back. It will be different for everyone.

Take some time to think about what is holding you back and do something about it. Do NOT worry about what other people will have to say about it. Karen is not paying your bills and Uncle Bill is not raising your children.

Learn to trust yourself and follow your own path. No amount of likes, followers, and comments will give you the satisfaction of actually living your own truth.

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