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Health to humanity

Have you ever thought about what it means to be healthy? You most likely have an image in your mind of how that looks. Being healthy does not mean looking and eating perfectly. It’s hardly a drop in the bucket. Health is multifaceted, not one dimensional. Here is 5 ways to be more human, I mean healthy.

1.) Do what you love! Take care of your mental health. You can and should make a point to care for your mind and spiritual well being. It really is a huge part of health. It is not enough to just take your vitamins and eat the kale. You really have to care for your mind. It does not matter what it is that you do. Draw, sing, dance, play with your cute dog. Just do something you love and do it every day. Your mind matters when it comes to health.

2.) Get nerdy! I am a huge advocate for self development which can come in many forms. Reading, listening to educational and inspiring podcasts or even watching videos and documentaries are great options. It is important to stimulate your mind and keep it active. Your brain is a muscle and just like any other needs to be worked in order to grow. Don't underestimate the power of learning. Make an effort to learn a skill or foster a newfound passion. We all have such incredible and unique abilities. I would bet money that if you used just half of your potential, you would be 1000% more successful. More importantly, you would be happy doing it.

3.) Live with integrity. Know who you are and live your life accordingly. Being a good person is more important than aesthetics. This concept has somehow got lost in translation, tossed out as fake news while the imposters shine. The truth always comes out and this is real news. So many of us have been taught to value ourselves based off the shallowest of characteristics. It could be attractiveness, number of followers or even how many zeros you have in your Chase account. At the end of your life none of that is going to matter. It will be how you made people feel that will matter. As the famous Gary Vee says, it is about your legacy. Who will you be remembered as? Take a moment to think about that.

3.) Be kind. Coming from a place of love and acceptance of yourself and others will put you in a position of power. It will feed your soul, mind and spirit. It will fuel your creativity and purpose on this earth. That is what health means to me. Health is living with pureness and purpose. Not allowing outside forces to taint your genuine or desire to make a real difference. Being healthy is finding balance with your mental, physical, and spiritual elements.

4.) Let go of your false beliefs. Stop swimming in the shallow side and take the leap. Go as deep as you can and find out who you truly are. Possibly even more important is for you to figure out who you are not. Changing the stories that you have been telling yourself about who you are. Tune out the narrative you have been told from others who were not brave enough to be themselves. Let go of all limiting self doubt and fear that keeps you from moving forward. Go about life fearlessly as you actually are, not through anyone else's perspective. It is not their story to tell, it is yours.

5.) Do not play the comparison game. Trust me on this one- I have played this game and you'll never win. Nobody is you. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful. That literally is what makes you so very capable of massive success. Nobody else can be you and have your unique perspective. Don't compare yourself to someone else, instead look at who you were yesterday. Be a better you today that is how you win. I assure you when you are on your path you will no longer worry about what others are doing. You will be so engrossed and focused on your own success that nobody else will take a moment of your mental energy. We idolize the people we think we want to become. When you realize your true potential that will be a non issue.

Let us all look at our mindsets, thoughts and behavior as closely as we dissect our diets. Who you are being has more of an impact on health than counting every calorie. It is important to eat well and take care of your body, it is equally important be a person of substance. I just want to make sure who you are being while you eat that kale is someone of integrity. I want that for you because that is the what should be #goals. Being your best self is living your best life. Know that you can write, edit and change the story at any time. You are the writer so feel free to make a plot twist today. It is what makes stories worth reading. Let's bring the humanity back to being healthy.

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