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Set your mind to lose weight

There are so many questions around losing weight. It can be so confusing and exhausting with all the ambiguous answers available. People ask me all the time how they can quickly do it. I could jump in line with all the other “fitness gurus” and sell the pipe dream of losing 30 pounds in 30 days. I could cash in on peoples need for instant gratification. I could take the easy route and sell a quick fix. Guess what? I never will because I have integrity.

I actually care about people and want to help them make real changes. I will never tell you a sugar coated story about what it takes to lose weight or be healthy. The truth is that it is a lifelong commitment. There are no quick fixes. However, there are quick wins you can achieve from small changes. Still, if you want to change for good, you have to consistently show up for yourself.

There is no way around that. Weight loss is possible when you believe that your health is more important than fitting into a dress before a big event. What cost to your health are you willing to endure in order to look photoshop perfect? The answer is none. I have been there and I am not judging you if you live like that. The reason I’m so passionate about this is because I lived most of my life like that.

The real transformation will never come from hate. You want to lose weight? Change your thoughts about yourself. Start believing in yourself and love yourself as you are right now. That’s when real change can transpire. I need you to think about that for a second. Trust me, I know this is not what you WANT to hear but it is what you NEED to hear. Weight loss is a lifestyle. You actually have to change who you are being in every aspect of your life. Yes, you can lose weight going on some fad diet. Talk to me six weeks after the novelty fades. How are you feeling? I see you because I was you.

Real results take consistency, time and determination to continue no matter how many times you fall. You are going to fall. You will make mistakes. You stray from your plan again and again. The difference is how long does it take you to get back up? Every time that you get back up after you fall down, you are winning! There is no failure unless you give up. You got this!

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