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Creative Stress Relief

An unconventional way reduce stress is to find a creative outlet for it. I would be a puddle of emotions without a creative outlet and for me that is writing and art. It could be something else for you.

There are many ways to create and channel emotions through. Drawing, singing, dancing and even gaming could do it for you. Fill up your cup with a life giving hobby. Spend your free time expressing gratitude for all that is good in your life.

It’s all about using the intense emotions that you experience to create something in the physical world. You may be wondering why that helps?

It helps because you are no longer holding on to those feelings. You will inevitably feel them again (that is normal) but while you create something you will have a temporary release.

Some of the greatest artist in history have done this. You don’t have to be Picasso to create good art. Art (to me) is beautiful if it is created out of a real emotion or experience. Isn’t that what makes something beautiful? I’ve thought a lot about this and realized my definition of beauty has transformed.

It’s so much more than an aesthetically pleasing picture. It’s passion, feeling, authenticity and raw emotion. Beauty is when you look at something or someone and feel something powerful.

Creating is an extremely powerful tool to relieve stress. You can’t get that type of deeper release from many places. Seek out a way to create that will give you an opportunity to let go of your pain, anger and frustration. Get creative and experience the life changing release!

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