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So you want to lose weight quickly? I could not tell you how many times I googled that question myself. Truth be told there is no quick fix to weight loss. I will give you some of the most effective and relatively quick ways to lose weight. I just won’t be selling you any weight loss dreams of getting skinny in 3 days time. Still, there is ways to lose weight relatively fast. Especially if you are brand new to this weight loss gig, you can expect results to come easier than those of us who have been at it a lot longer.

Trust me, if you lose weight too quickly you are sure to gain it all back with a side of fries. If I haven’t sold you on the good old fashioned weight loss dream, bare with me. I have experience with this and am here to help (no strings attached.) Don’t take out your MasterCard and blow 100 dollars on a detox juice cleanse.

There is a better and real way to do it. Nobody wants to drink celery for seven days straight, and more importantly it doesn’t work. As soon as you take one bite of real food your body will hold onto it as tight as your skinniest skinny jeans. You just have to do something different. The next weight loss trend is just that, another trend, soon to be replaced by the next one hit wonder. It is the way of our world.

We are always searching for the next quick fix, because that seems easier. Is it really easier doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results? That is actually the definition of insanity! Don’t be insane, you are smarter than that. Try something different and scientifically proven to get you results. Here are five ways you can lose 10 pounds “quick” while actually caring about your health.

1.) Lift weights. I know, that this can be intimidating to some of you. I get that, I really do. I am a huge advocator of choosing a workout that you truly enjoy. Why? Consistency is the MVP of weight loss. BUT if you want to lose weight quickly there is no way around it, weights will do that for you faster than any other form of exercise. Weight training will have your body burning calories like wild fire.The thing is you most likely will learn to love lifting weights.

The challenge is exhilarating and the benefits undeniable. You continue burning calories long after you stop your work out. You work muscles you never knew existed and you get that satisfying soreness the next day. If you want faster results, lift some weights. I do moderate weights, high repetitions and with little to no rest in between sets. Circuit training is known to burn more calories and it is less intimidating for newbs.

Don’t worry we all start somewhere and there is no shame in learning something new. It is admirable and the strength you feel from it is addicting and empowering. Do some weighted squats, dumbbell deadlifts, overhead presses and single arm dumbbell rows at home. Not sure how to do it? There is this crazy thing called YouTube which has videos with instructions on literally EVERYTHING! Feel free to reach out to me as well, I’m always down to help a fellow human being (and no I don’t expect anything in return.)

2.) Cardio. I know, you hate this list but I cannot lie to you. If you want to lose weight quickly there is no way of getting around this one. Cardio is not only great at burning calories but it also great for your heart. You don’t have to join a running club or train for a triathlon, I mean you can if you want to. All I am saying is there are several options.

Start off by doing jumping jacks, burpees, jumping squats, jog in place or do mini sprints in your backyard. Do it for a minute on and rest for a minute. Push yourself because your mind is going to be telling you to stop but your body can handle much more. PUSH through it and you will be surprised what you can do. Once, the workouts begin feeling easier add some intensity. If you have any medical or heart conditions please take the time to speak to your doctor or a medical professional prior to starting any fitness routine.

3.) Fasting. I never in a million years would have thought that I would actually enjoy fasting. Choosing not to eat for a portion of the day seems stranger than stranger things. I have grown to become such a proponent of fasting because it simplifies my diet so much. There are several options with fasting that you may want to try out.

I personally do intermittent fasting. This means I fast everyday for 16 hours. I choose to do this from 8 pm- 12 pm the next day. It is easy for me because during those hours I am very busy and hardly ever feel hungry anyways. It gives me less time to worry about what to eat throughout the day; and ensures I am eating well balanced and satiating meals when I do.

Do your workout in the morning before you can talk yourself out of it. Eat after you workout. Working out on a full stomach slows me down and demotivates me. If you do like eating breakfast try eating a bit lighter and see how it makes you feel. I feel so much more energized and focused in the morning when I fast. When we eat our bodies have to work a lot harder to digest that food and it will take energy away from your work out.

4.) Have a plan and be strategic. Set yourself for weight loss success. Set a date to start your new lifestyle. Don’t start on a Monday and for the love of God don’t wait until New Years. Waiting to start something is like waiting to win the lottery and never buying a ticket. Stop rationalizing, giving yourself excuses and talking yourself out of it. Before your start date take some time to prepare. Invest in some cute workout attire, set your sneakers somewhere you will see them in the morning, place your water bottle on your side table. Write out your basic work out schedule and make a list to get food at the grocery store. I have a comprehensive grocery guide on my blog you could try out.

Clear your pantry, fridge and freezer of any food that does not go along with your new way of life. If you are a parent this will go a little different. You may need to keep some of little Johnnys’ favorite fruit snacks and tater tots. It is going to take more discipline on your part in the beginning but you can do it. In the long run this will help you out. If you don’t have kiddos please don’t even bother keeping food around that does not support your goals. It is like lighting a match in a kerosine infused house and then sticking around to see what happens. We all know how that turns out. Stop the fire before it even starts and get the hell out!

5.) Prepare your food. A little preparation goes a long way. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need two weeks worth of super complex meals prepped. It can seem like a daunting task but it does not have to be. People often overcomplicate it. Stick to the foods that feel good for you and put them together for nourishing meals. Prioritize protein, healthy fats and fibrous fruits and vegetables I like to meal prep but not in the traditional sense. Try placing a bowl of fresh fruit at eye level in the fridge, hard boil up a bunch of eggs, and pre-measure out a weeks worth of snacks. Take out frozen produce every morning to easily cook up after work. You could do a bulk prep of that floats your boat, I personally like to cook fresh.

However, I do love cutting up and storing a ton of veggies, popcorn and almonds to snack on. If you have a serving worth measured out, ready to eat, you are less likely to overindulge. Set yourself up for when you are feeling lazy and unmotivated. Motivation is the ultimate fallacy, Motivation has its place but it is discipline that is the real deal.

Make sure you have your back up plan in place when you are short on motivation and discipline. AKA easy to grab snacks, easily assembled meals, that won’t derail your progress. Get creative and eat foods that work with your goals AND make you feel good. It is all about trial and error. You have a unique body and your nutritional needs are going to be different than mine. Try something out for a couple weeks, take a look at your progress and adjust if necessary.

There goes my five strategies to lose weight as quick as healthily, and humanly possible. Remember that the marathon runner always wins the race. Sprints will get you excited and burn calories straight away but if you are in it for the long haul, it is important to pace yourself. Start implementing these effective tools and you will start feeling the results immediately. Remember, above all self discipline is the key to reaching your goals. Hold yourself accountable to follow through and enlist the help of others if you are unable to do so. Start winning at losing weight and start today.

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