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5 transformative habits

If you want to transform your life, you have to change your habits. It is often the small actions we take daily that make or break us. Habits are things we do automatically without much thought. It is important to look at yourself and figure out where you can improve. You want to be doing things that bring you closer to your goals, and make you happiest. Here are 5 transformative habits that when applied are sure to change your life.

1.) Write it down. Writing things down increases productivity and reduces anxiety. Write down your goals, lists of to-dos and what you’re grateful for. If you write it down you won’t forget it and are way more likely to do it.

Journaling is a huge part of my life. It has helped me to stay grateful, work through emotions and realize how far I’ve come. It’s an easy place to start if your looking to increase your quality of life.

I suggest making it a part of your nightly routine to make a list of goals for the next day. Then write down 3 things that you are grateful for. I always do this before bed and I take some time every morning to go over my lists. Set your intentions for the day and don’t forget to follow through!

2.) Movement. Moving your body in a meaningful way is a life changing habit. It relieves stress, increases confidence, promotes health and enhances life. You can do jumping jacks, dance to your favorite music, hit the gym or work out at home.

What you do is less important than choosing something you will stick with and enjoy. Do your best to get your movement done in the morning. That will give you less time rationalize, make excuses or talk yourself out of it. Set your sneakers on your dresser to remind you to get it done first thing.

3.) Learning. I am a huge proponent of reading. Reading is a habit that can be life changing. I am always reading but I know many people don’t yet enjoy it. The beautiful thing is that there are now podcasts, YouTube channels and audible books at your finger tips.

You can download a book and listen to it on your commute to work or while taking a shower. Learning is one of the most important habits you can adopt. Don’t forget to take what you learn and use it. Knowledge is useless without application.

4.) Self care. I know I am beating a dead horse at this point but is that important. No matter how busy you are, there is always time, if you make time. You could simply use essential oils, stretch, throw on a face mask or take a bubble bath.

Caring for yourself is non negotiable. If you don’t prioritize your physical and mental health you are on your way to unhappiness. Take five minutes at minimum to love yourself today. Find out what makes you happy and do it.

5.) Breathe. Meditation, prayer or being still. Call it what you what you like, but it works. Take a moment, breathe and let go. Try it out today. Take a moment and find a quiet place to sit. Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose and fill up your belly. Exhale as slow as possible. Do this until you feel a sense of calm.

You will have thoughts but that is perfectly human. Try not to judge those thoughts and let them pass. Go back to your breath, inhale, exhale, repeat. Make this a habit by setting aside time every morning. I love doing this first thing in the morning to start my day with a clear mindset.

So there it is! I hope this list helps you to be more productive and happy. I am very passionate about these habits because they were truly life changing for me. I know if you started to do even a few of these habits every day, your life would dramatically change for the better. Remember that steady and slow wins the race.

In order to make lasting changes you have to do it over time. Set realistic goals around habit change and challenge yourself to follow through. The smaller the goals, the more likely you will achieve them. This will build up your confidence and increase momentum. You can and should make these your own, take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Be creative, be you and be true. From my habit journey, to yours. Good luck!

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