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Client Testimonials

If you see this video, I highly recommend you get in touch with her, right, because this girl save life

-Luis S, US Army Soldier

I started looking for some coaching after going through the cycle of drastic diets, losing weight, and then putting it all back on again. I wanted a long-term solution and a better lifestyle focused on health. I like how Coach Cass had personal experience with the same issues I have bene facing. She really cared about my journal, my plans and my needs. My program really was customized for me. She fit everything into my daily life and focused on changing the small habits that really add up day after day. She constantly stayed in touch with me and was always there when I needed any help or advice. It was nice having a coach that was as involved as I was in my own journey. The Facebook Group was always positive and supportive. I feel like I did well in my program. I feel more confident and more energized. My measurements went down and I was able to fit into clothes I haven't fit in for years!! I would definitely recommend anyone that can relate to my story to work with Coach Cass. She is easy to work with and does not lose sight of her clients.

-Karleigh M

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