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Are you struggling to lose weight or keep it off?

Who wants to live a good life? Most of us know we want to be happy and live a good life even if we aren’t exactly sure what that would look like. I can help you cut through the all of the noise and give you the specific tools, programs and information you can use to change your life.

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Our Services

Coaching by Cass offers a multi-facet program incorporating Fitness Training, Nutritional Advice and Mindset Coaching in order to get Clients the results they want and deserve.

At Coaching by Cass, we believe in fostering habit changes in order to create long lasting changes for the individual. We take a step by step approach to weight loss incorporating personalized nutritional suggestions,  personalized fitness programs, and mindset coaching.


Our programs take into account the person as a whole. Specific weekly lessons are designed to give our clients what they will need to not only succeed when in the program, but after as well.


We utilize a Training App in order to create clear, real time communication between our clients, the trainer and Coach Cass. The Training App also provides a localized space where all your plans and other resources can be delivered directly to you.


Communication between staff and clients is a primary concern. We will work with you and your life every step of the way. Your success is our success!


For more information head over to the Services Page to schedule a free consultation call! If we are a good fit for you, we will do everything in our power to give you the gift of confidence, certainty in your body and certainty in your ability to make a lasting change!

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Cassandra Eve

Health and Fitness Coach

I am so happy to have you here! I am so passionate about what I do as a Certified Health & Fitness Coach. You can reach out to me with any questions by scheduling a free consultation call!


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